Character Themed Pacifiers

Note that due to the delicate nature of these pacifiers, they should be treated with care. Rough play with the pacifier could cause pieces to chip or break. 

Adult-sized pacifier with custom adornments in the color of your choice. Be the envy of all your friends!
Our custom pacifiers are sized for adults...or little ones in adult-sized bodies. The body is made of strong ABS plastic and include an extended nipple/teat that protrudes 1 5/8" from the shield with a shape identical to the NUK 5; just slightly larger. Nipples/teats are made of silicone.

Adornments are applied by hand making each custom pacifier a unique, one-of-a-kind creation! You even choose the colors of the paci.

To choose custom pacifier colors, simply specify the color of the shield, base, and handle in the field above. If custom colors are not selected at time of order then the colors shown in the picture will be used.

  • Most custom pacifiers are made to order. Please allow 1-2 days for creation and curing prior to being mailed.
  • We feature three (3) types of customization based on the theme/character/image you select:
    • PVC embellishment -- pliable three-dimensional image affixed with a bonding agent
    • Planar resin embellishment -- stiff, thin image (about 1/8" thin) affixed with a bonding agent
    • Resin coated images -- image on photo paper covered and sealed to pacifier with a water resistant resin
  • Measurements
    • Shield: 2 5/8 inch wide and 1 7/8 tall approx.
    • The nipple extends 1 5/8 inch from the shield.
  • The nipple shape is identical to the NUK 5 but just larger.
  • The nipple is all silicone and the pacifier body is strong ABS plastic.
  • Images are affixed to pacifier with a water resistant sealant.
  • Please sanitize your new pacifier with warm water and soap.

Our hand crafted pacifier clip we also sale would work perfectly with these binkies.

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