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REARZ Lil' Monsters ABDL 1 Adult Diaper Sample

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**this is for only for 1 Diaper**

Get Inspired Today with the World's Most Absorbent Diaper


 Embrace your inner Lil' Monster with these new super cute Diapers! Bring the crew along with you, Draco the Dragon, Puffy the Pink puffball, Unicrest the Three Eyed Dinosaur, Midnight (Blue) & Twinkle (Purple).


An all new Plastic backing not available on any Rearz Diaper, featuring our very first Wetness Indicator (Once Wet the Monster Paw Prints and Rearz logo disappear). Softly scented with a moisture activated vintage fragrance, this will bring you back to your youth.  Lil' Monsters offer an advanced level of Odor Protection unlike any other product.

Featuring all premium features such as Tall Standing Leg Guards, Amazing Elastic Waistbands, Super Soft Inner, Reinforced Front Panel and 4 Refastenable Tapes.

Offering Protection Day or Night with a Rapid absorbing core. Capacity 3700ml

They have taken more time to bring this product to market than any other in the history of our company.  They have taken care in all the details including some like clear tapes so the print is not obscured, waterproof inks so the ink will not transfer to fabric and more.


  Medium: 26.4" x 33.1", fits 29.9" to 44.1"  

Large: 31.5" x 37.38", fits 37.8" to 48.8"
If you would like to get a bag or case here is the website you can buy them from

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