Ultra Puppy Gamer

DISCONTINUED Ultra Puppy Arcade Gamer Skirt Clearance

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DISCONTINUED Ultra Puppy Arcade Gamer Skirt Clearance

ULTRA Puppy Arcade! This print was hand drawn by kerokerokouhai with lots of love. Throw it back with primary colors! Anytime you purchase one of her designs, it helps support her as an artist

Made with a 4 - way stretchy fabric

Material is 95% polyester  and 5% spandex.
Machine washable in cold water
Lay flat to dry
These are made from stretchy fabric.
Approximate Measurements In Inches
 Sizes are as follows:


 Waist 23" (Waist Stretched 23"-32")

Hips 35"

Length 14"

Inseam 3"


 Waist 24"(Waist Stretched 24"-36")

Hips 36"

Length 14"

Inseam 3"


 Waist 26"(Waist Stretched 26"-40")

Hips 36"

Length 14"

Inseam 3"


 Waist 28"(Waist Stretched 28"-42")

Hips 38"

Length 15"

Inseam 4"


Waist 32"(Waist Stretched 32"-48")

Hips 40"

Length 17"

Inseam 4.5"


Waist 34"(Waist Stretched 34"-50")

Hips 42"

Length 17"

Inseam 5.5"


Waist 36"(Waist Stretched 36"-54")

Hips 46"

Length 18"

Inseam 6"

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