Storefront October 2023 Update

Dear Community Members,

It is with heavy hearts and tear-filled eyes that we inform you that our storefront operations are currently on hold due to zoning issues with the township. In response to this situation, we have enlisted legal counsel with expertise in zoning matters to set the expectations of what-would-be a lengthy, expensive, and uphill battle to appeal. We would rather invest our resources into long-term solutions.

This development coincides with a period in which we are navigating personal family matters, compelling us to reassess and make necessary adjustments within LKB. We recognize the importance of prioritizing family and view this unexpected turn of events as a unique opportunity for introspection and stability. Adhering to the belief that "things happen for a reason," we maintain an optimistic outlook for positive outcomes that may stem from this situation.

While the suspension of our storefront operations is a setback to our plans of creating a secure and discreet space for apparel selection and community engagement, it does not mark the end for LKB. Instead, we are choosing to close this chapter to embark on a new one. In the interim, we can leverage other community events to rekindle and foster new connections.

Our heartfelt condolences go out to the community members who have supported us over the past 18 months, forming bonds and creating cherished memories. While this chapter is not concluded, it does restrict our abilities for forging new memories in the immediate future. You can still communicate with us via the website while we work our way through next steps.

In retrospect, our aspirations for the LKB storefront were ambitious, centered on creating a unique and special experience for all patrons. Despite this setback, our commitment to that vision persists. However, this juncture provides an opportunity to reassess our priorities and redirect our focus toward the cornerstone of our success—the online web experience. Neglected in favor of the storefront, the online platform has been the backbone of our revenue for over eight years. A comprehensive overhaul of the website's design, functionality, and feature set is long overdue. As part of this new development, some restructuring and re-branding will take place to refresh the LKB brand.

While the specifics of our plans for the future cannot be disclosed here, we recognize that our success and continued growth is because of the unwavering love and support from our friends, extended family, and invaluable, loyal community members. We are humbled to still be a viable business among our competition and the various complications that come with operating a business. We extend our heartfelt gratitude for the pivotal role each of you has played in our journey.

Thank you for your continued support.

With Love and Lots of Hugs,

-Misty, Mike, and Bri of LKB