Storefront Update (January 2023)

January 22, 2023

It's been a few months since we asked for your patience while we assess some of the controversy surrounding our brick-and-mortar store. With the busy holiday season behind us and kicking off a new year, we've had the time to discuss and prepare our initiatives for 2023.

To those unaware, one of our models was doxxed and it led to a Facebook posting where the closed-minded, ignorant, and uninformed made assumptions and accusations about the model, us, our business, and what we are trying to do. This incident made us realize that a few changes were necessary to reduce some of the confusion surrounding LKB. Although not all the pieces are in place, we can reveal some of the changes and direction we're headed.

First and foremost, LKB will ALWAYS be an 18+ business/operation. We tailor to welcome and encompass diversity in whatever you long as you are over 18. We remain diligent in our uphill battle to prevent minors from making purchases, following us on social media, and attending events.

Next, the online Lil Kink Boutique website you know-and-love will remain the same. We'll continue to sell the same wares as before including the kinkier and fetish side of things to encompass as many shoppers as possible. The only change to come to the website will be a much-overdue website redesign. However, don't hold your breath waiting for that as it has been under development for quite some time and hasn't (unfortunately) been a priority with so much of our focus on the storefront, the playroom, local events, and the entire LKB experience.

The brick-and-mortar LKB storefront will remain a "safe space" and offer clothing, pacifiers, diapers, and accompanying accessories specialized for ABs, DLs, Littles/Middles, and age players. This actually aligns with our original vision for the storefront so we're taking advantage of this opportunity to do so. The physical storefront will have its own website that will function as an informational (and somewhat educational) site with a product catalog promoting what we do, the playroom, local events and resources, and the appointment calendar.

At this time, the brick-and-mortar shop won't serve as an ecommerce site as (almost) everything sold in the physical store is also available online at As part of our vision to offer an innocent, safe, littlespace-conducive environment, it makes sense to offer that separately from the all-inclusive LKB website. Plus, the storefront caters mostly to community members that live in the area or are passing through so may or not be of interest to folks not on the East Coast.

To minimize confusion between the two entities, LKB LLC will adopt the L, K, B initials as our primary alias for both the online website and the storefront. We redesigned the LKB logo and implemented it on our clothing labels years ago so transitioning to simply being known as LKB has been underway for quite some time now. With the same products being offered online and at the physical store, a shared name and logo between them makes sense. And at the end of the day, we can grow each entity to suit our vision and business goals without trying to merge the two to appeal to the diversity of all groups.

We hope these changes help to shed light on the path LKB is headed and find in your favor. We value your support and strive to make decisions that align with our views while actively considering the opinions of such a varied group of community members.

With Love and Respect,