1 REARZ Inspire Original ABDL Adult Diaper

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1 REARZ Inspire Original ABDL Adult Diaper


**this is for only for 1 Diaper**

Get Inspired Today with the World's Most Absorbent Diaper


We have seen a lot of diapers in our time and just can't figure out why nobody offers a super high end diaper that also incorporates high end, brand name materials that can only improve the product.  



1. Brand name 4th Generation SAP gel:

  • This crazy gel has a 4x faster aquisition rate
  • Better retaining power, even under pressure
  • Higher capacity
  • Boasting a 4930ml-4999ml max capacity (yes that is almost 20 cups)
  • This ingenious polymer also swells more than the cheap gel that ALL our competition uses 
  • Why don't ANY other manufacturers use this gel?  It costs 3x more money so they can have a higher profit margin.  We don't care about anything other than the BEST QUALITY materials available.

2. Brand name tapes

3. Thick core with USA grade A Fluff

4. Tall standing leg guards

5. Elastic waistbands front and back

6. Plain white, unprinted outer

7. Reinforced frontal tape that allows refastening

8. Thick Vintage style PE backing that has not been seen in at least 20 years



Size 9 (Medium):   fits 32" to 42" ISO: 4930ml

Size 10 (Large): fits 36" to 52" ISO: 4999ml

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