REARZ Pink Princess ABDL 1 Adult Diaper Sample

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Rearz Princess Pink

**this is for only for 1 Pink Princess Diaper**
ISO absorbency: 4864ml - 5385ml

Cute, comfy, highly absorbent, and most importantly, princess approved. It’s what all adorable royalty wear whenever they need a good, uninterrupted night of sleep. Tape on the new and improved Princess Pink overnight diaper and become a pretty princess yourself!

You’ll be whisked off to a far away land of unicorns and magic where all of your dreams can come true. It’s a diaper so poofy and with such high capacity you’ll swear a spell’s been put on it!


Check out our all new size large, with a new trimmer fit.



Medium (30"- 40")

NEW Large (33"- 42")
X-Large (36"- 47"

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