ABU BareBum® ABDL Adult Diaper * Vaulted Discontinued XLarge Only Sample

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**this is for only for 1 Sample Diaper**

ABU BareBum™

Cute Blocks and a Vintage Fit!

A classic 4-tape tailored fit, quick-absorb core, and vintage inspired all over design, ABU BareBum diapers have your baby covered! This diaper has everything a mommy or daddy needs in a slim and affordable daily wear design that doesn’t give up fighting leaks.

With a 3500mL capacity, and special quick absorb core, ABU BareBum diapers have your daily diaper wear covered and keep you looking cute and comfy. ABU BareBum diapers make everyday special for your little cuties.



(Medium): 27" x 35"

(Large): 36" x 43"

(Xlarge): 44" x 49"


If you would like to buy packs or cases please check out https://us.abuniverse.com/

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