ABU Cushies™ ABDL Adult Diaper Sample

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**this is for only for 1 Sample Diaper**

ABU Cushies

Planes, Flowers and Boats, Oh My!

Sometimes you just have to be playful and fun, and the design on your diaper shouldn’t be any exception! Airplanes, balloons, sailboats, and stars are whisking away any worries of leaks or frowny faces with ABU’s Cushies diapers! These whimsical and light designs keep it cute and playful from any angle while making sure you stay dry and have fun in an everyday-friendly diaper!

With our quick change, 2-tape system and 4500mL fast absorbing core, these diapers show that even serious protection can be bubbly and fun with an all-over design. But enough reading about them, get your own Cushies and go out to play!



(Small): 22" x 29"

(Medium): 30" x 36"

(Large): 37" x 42"

(Xlarge): 43" x 48"


If you would like to buy packs or cases please check out our LKB Store Front in Dover, Pa or https://us.abuniverse.com/

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