Bears Lions Tigers Pocket Clearance DIAPER

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You can choose from above the following:
A) 1 Pocket Diaper cover
B) 1 Pocket Diaper cover & 1 inner lining
C) 1 Pocket Diaper cover & 2 lining
Waist: The diaper measures 30" to 45" anywhere in between should be good.

Front waist measures 17"
Back & side measure 32"-39"

Measurements Length from front to back
31" - 34"
Side Rise 6" 
Crotch is 8" wide includes the gussets it's 12.5"
*Out layer:Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) laminated Fabric,which is highly water resistant, 
breathable and extremely durable pocket style to add inserts.
*Inner Lining :Stay dry suede cloth,which wicks moisture away from 
babies skin and helps keep their bottoms dry
*Form fitting and comfortable, lots of snaps to adjust sizing to fit you
Inserts are a 4 layer microfiber terry. 
Thick and absorbent .
These are 19" long and 8" wide.
* Cute print to choose from
Care Instructions
Machine wash with cloth diaper soap or Draft , cold rinse
Tumble dryer low or line dry
 Don't use fabric softener,will break down water proofing fabric. 
Insert can be bleached. 

Because of the nature of the item there are no returns

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