ABU DinoRawrZ™ ABDL Adult Diaper 1 Random Diaper sample

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You will be getting 1 RANDOM Diaper from this pack
No guarantee of which print you will be getting
**this is for only for 1 Sample Diaper**
ABU DinoRawrZ
Crinkle-taceous Fun With Dino Friends!
Hidden within the cold and forgotten shelves of the ABU idea vault resides an ancient crinkle so cute, so comfy, we were unable to let it remain extinct forever! Presenting ABU DinoRawrZ! Meet the ABU DinoRawrZ gang, Skyler, Ty, Rain, Misty, and Brock; five cuddly cute dino friends parading over our new Hook and Loop diaper featuring a unique landing zone for each character!
Our prehistoric find takes everyone back to a land before the worries of leaks, and a time before faulty sticky tapes to the land of DinoRawrZ, where practical play meets padded fun. With a pair of super strong hook and loop closures, these diapers were made to stay put, ensuring your adult diaper stays where it needs to be. Now everyone can enjoy an anciently cute crinkle!



(Medium): 26" - 34"

(Large): 35" - 41"

(Xlarge): 42" - 48"


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