Fairyland ABDL Adult Diaper -1 Single Diaper Sample

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Fairyland ABDL Adult Diaper -1 Single Diaper Sample
**This listing is for only 1 single Diaper Sample**
*** Just 1 Diaper to try them out and see if you like them and so you can find the right fit as well***


The Cuddle Cooperative is proud to introduce these super cute diapers!

Introducing the all new Fairyland Diapers. Have you ever wished you could live in a magical forest? With mushrooms, gnomes, and fairies? Wish no further, with the new cute Fairyland Diapers you can transport yourself to a magical fairy land! The soft, cute, pastel print is just what you need. With plenty of absorbency and an abundance of cuteness you won’t need any other diaper again. These diapers have a wonderful 4 tape design, with a landing strip for the tapes that will insure your tapes stay where you put them! They also sport very functional elastic leg gathers with a leak guard built right in. The Fairyland Diaper is built for both functionality and cuteness.  Also, the gnome is smoking a bubble pipe!

  • Medium - 32” to 40” waist
  • Large - 36” to 50” waist
  • Strong Plastic Backing
  • 5000ml capacity
  • Overnight absorbency
  • 4 tapes strength
  • 1.5” leg leak guards
  • Brand: The Cuddle Cooperative

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