Kiddo Lil Soaker Diapers ABDL Adult Diaper -1 Single Diaper Sample

Regular price $7.00
**This listing is for only 1 single Diaper Sample**
***Not a pack as in picture, Just 1 Diaper to try them out and see if you like them and so you can find the right fit as well***


The Soggy Butt Team needs you to put out the fire!

Help them with the new "Lil Soaker" diaper!

Its 5000 ml absorption will keep your inner firefighter dry. Its unique cut gives you freedom of movement, so you're free to go. Its 4 transparent, repositionable fasteners reveal the exclusive pattern of this protective, yet cute, diaper!
But beware: its plastic and noisy texture might just get you noticed! 

Lil soaker: a diaper for little firefighters

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