REARZ Daydreamer 1 Pack Adult Diaper (12 Diapers) Full Pack

Regular price $54.99
1 pack of 12 diapers
A super smooth, clear plastic backing, makes this the first diaper to have a natural wetness indicator. The more you use the product the more noticeable it gets.
Perfect for those looking for a diaper that caregivers can instantly see when you're ready for a change

Comfort is king with the Daydreamer diapers, our thickest padding and highest absorbency is sure to delight even the littlest of littles. Boasting up to a 11,000ml capacity, this diaper has the potential to bring you to your knees. Want to amp it up? Pop in an overnight booster, and you've got a whopping 13.5-liter cushion of coziness.


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