Rearz Fixx Adult Size 10 Pacifier

Regular price $24.99

Are you tired of sleepless nights and the constant annoyance of snoring? It's time to try Fixx - the revolutionary pacifier designed specifically for adults that will help reduce snoring and improve sleep quality.

Made from soft, hypoallergenic silicone, Fixx gently applies pressure to the roof of the mouth and tongue, keeping the airways open and clear for a more peaceful sleep.

Don't let snoring ruin your sleep any longer. Try Fixx and experience the difference for yourself. With Fixx, you can say goodbye to sleepless nights and hello to peaceful, snore-free sleep. Order now and start enjoying the benefits of Fixx tonight!

The shield measures 85mm*59mm (3.3"x2.3").

The silicone teat measures 63*37*28mm (2.5"x1.5"x1.1")

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